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Another dev diary..this one’s about the new scenario structure.

I’m still not convinced that this change will do the game any good. Not even to a small amount. This dev diary is not even trying to sound in any way enthusiastic.. it’s more or less a “we are trying our best..don’t punch us *searches for cover*” dev diary.

Less scenarios.. still no scenarios during contested state of a city siege. Most of the remaining scenarios are zerg-able and require no great tactics or strategy  some of the folks on Drakenwald are lacking the understanding of strategy anyways). I’m also disappointed about the weekend warfront.

This is more a personal than a general complaint..I am not always playing on weekends. Most of the time I don’t play on weekends because I have better things to do. So the possibility that I will see another scenario than the standard ones is quiet small.. and I’m getting even more punished because these weekend warfronts offer some rewards.

Besides that.. it just feels wrong, because those weekend warfronts are decoupled from the campaign, but I start to repeat myself..

I’ll have to adopt to the changes if I continue to play WAR… if I like them or not.

Posted February 23, 2010 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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