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It’s something that came into my attention months ago..It’s the “the next patch will save the game”-attitude from Mythic and the folks who play WAR.

Now with patch 1.3.4 coming near the discussion and reasoning on things that are wrong already goes to patch 1.3.5 and what it will fix. It’s about urgently needed fixes or career changes that aren’t implemented in 1.3.4, e.g. changes for weapon dps to contribute to healing etc..

I’m just wondering for how long you can wait on that patch, that pokes the game in the right direction. Mythic has changed many things in the right way, but there are some really horrible decisions among the wrong ones. Those announcements of patches that are weeks/month away is just irritating.

On the other hand.. people like to complain about stuff (I’m not different there ;))..and they adopt to the changes. If the changes are the right ones is still debatable..e.g. fortress changes.. scenario-restructuring.. but people learn to live with them… or quit playing the game.

So lets see what the future..and the next patch that saves the world..brings.

Zizlak (


Posted February 22, 2010 by Karic in General

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