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that need to be fixed in WAR. The scenario structure would have not been on the top of the list least for me.

One thing I’d liked to be ..polished, fixed or somewhat changed is the purging mechanism in the tomb of the vulture lord.

The basic idea behind that concept is imo quiet fun. You can enter an instance and surprise the enemy when they want to do some PvE…or get surprised/infiltrated.

But no idea survives contact with the player..until you force them to do it like you want it to be done. That is the case for infiltration/purging in the tovl. 9/10 purges are not done (mildly guessed, perceived percentage lies around 99.9%). No contact with an enemy.

So what happens? If you are lucky, it’s just one enemy who wants to distract you from the PvE and leaves the instance right away. Lately some destruction players evolved this to mkII and enter as a group (or at least some players), but have no intention of purging the instance. They seem to just kill the quest-NPC who offers the port to the latter bosses and allows some nice progression through the instance.. and this NPC just doesn’t respawn.

This can be easily solved by allowing the NPC to respawn after the quest to survive the purge is finished. No need to be punished longer than necessary for this kind of behavior from the enemy realm. It’s enough punishment if you wait for purging to happen/to end and there is no enemy actually attacking you. You have no way of defending that NPC and that’s just annoying.

Funny thing to note.. you get punished further more .. when you realize that you are not purged and you don’t care about the purple bags from that PQ and you then die, you get ported to the start of the instance like any other death in that instance, but when the PQ-timer finishes you will be ported to Altdorf. No matter if there were enemies or not.

So the enemy has not really much to do to make the live hard for you.. That’s total b****.. If they purge..they have to fight or at least should not be able to annoy in such an easy way.



Posted February 19, 2010 by Karic in PvE, RvR, WAR

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