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Healers tend to be the first target any group choses to kill  and so healers are used to sort of tank in rvr..they are the prey and normally don’t want any attention from the enemy. It’s always stressful if you happen to have some sort of enemy targeting you..

Last week I started to try out an offense oriented spec.. I still have only mediocre equipment as I only have invader and some lotd stuff, resulting in only 840 int buffed. I know that scenarios offer no good measure for a spec, but here are two examples which reflect my overall scenario performance ..

You see, damage is ok, sometimes I even deal more damage than Bright Wizards. I even do some healing, most of the time though this is done by Rune of Fate and Protection of the Ancestors. Very rarely I throw out some real healing.

What I like about this spec.. You are really powerful in 1vs1 fights. I can fight almost every other career. The ap-drain is good in the 1vs1 and against smaller (bombing) groups. A bombing-sorc or Choppa is not bombing any more ;) The combination of snare, ap-drain works out well… Kiting can be really fun and if the enemy gets to with snare.

So my prefered gaming style with fighting in small groups fits to this spec. There this spec shines.

It’s getting less useful in large-scale fights, because the dots are easily healed and Runepriests have no burst-damage. Most of the spells deal damage in the range of 700-1000 ..some of them even have a cast-time. Nothing to be afraid of. Yet I think that this spec has it’s right to exist as you have still a nice utility factor, because you can support the healers with rez-ing or throwing out some instant-heals. So overall the group deals more damage and remains somewhat stable.

Returning to the start of this post.. As a healer I don’t want any attention from the enemy. When there is someone attacking me I don’t die as I can defend myself, but the healing is getting more stressful as it already is.

As a damage dealer I don’t really care if there is someone hitting me, as long as it remains at being only one or two enemies. If it’s just a few of them I just kite and kill. ;)

Which reminds me that  I need a keybinding for  “Come get some!” .. as I had back then playing Duke Nukem.;)

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