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I reached Lt.6 rank and unlocked the Klingons..of course I immediately stopped playing Federation and created a Klingon Tactical Captain ;)

This character was created with no min/max-strategy in mind, just playing a Klingon and Klingon scientist just sounds wrong.. ;) My Federation character is a scientist, but I had never the feeling of playing a scientist in Starfleet.

After figuring out that I have to complete a quest on Qo’Nos before I could engage in any fights I searched for some PvP and got some. I tried some house battles as I only saw much higher ranked Fed-Ships..Unfortunately the queuing doesn’t went that smooth and I had to wait for some instance to open.

The first instance was..well..a disaster as I had no clue about cloaking/de-cloaking and when to apply what sort of skill. I felt sorry for my teammates as I was no great help..

The second instance was more fun. We stayed close together and focused our firepower.. and that’s were the problem is. In these space house battles you have to stick together and focus fire the enemy away. It seems irrelevant what the objective of the map is about..That’s my gripe on scenarios in WAR and that doesn’t change if you move that stuff to space. If you have just to form an assist train and don’t care about the objectives..something in the design of the map is wrong.

To end this on a more positive swing.. I love the Bird of Prey.. ;) It’s just fun to hear the cloaking-sound and the ship design is just one of the best space ship designs I know… But these are things Cryptic hadn’t to design, but  to implement. Nevertheless it’s still awesome ;)


Posted February 16, 2010 by Karic in RvR, Star Trek Online

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