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I don’t think that anyone expects Runepriests to be the best healer in the game..Some do a good job, but in general the other healing careers can easily top the numbers in any scenario (which is no good indicator, but well.. people throw those numbers at you, if you are not up there in the high numbers region).

As I played my Runepriest for some time now focusing on healing, I thought that it would be a good idea to experiment a bit with the offense capabilities of that career.

So I specced to Valaya/Grungni (click on the link for the spec, tactics and moral selected).

I wear now for that full invader gear, some stuff from land of the dead and am now roughly around 800 int buffed. Doesn’t sound to impressive..I know, but as Runepriests have no int-tactic it’s the best I could do right now. I just played a few scenarios yesterday and hadn’t time to test it thoroughly, but the first impression is.. it’s fun and I can kill stuff.

I have to rely on other healers now and I warned the other pugs, that I’m not healing..and in general I dealt out some nice damage. It is no burst damage, as I heavily rely on dots, but I think that I can really be a pain in the a** ;)

The focus of my spec is ap-drain (a dot with 25% probability of draining 30 ap and moral1 which drains 200 ap) and snare (again 25% with that dot (though I am not sure if this snare really applies..) and snare with my ae-knockback). That, combined with a little bit of healing to support the real healers or at least rez some of them, is really fun. I think some melee careers yelled some curses towards me, because I had some fun and kited them around while slowly killing them, without the ability to run away. ;)

I will report, how good this spec really is..stay tuned

Zizlak (

Posted February 11, 2010 by Karic in Dwarves, RvR, WAR

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  1. Healers are supposed to be single minded healbots. I disagree with you playing any other way.


    Have fun with the spec.

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