That made me laugh   1 comment

You maybe know, that one of my alts is an Engineer.. one reaction to the patch notes for 1.3.4 in the official forum made me laugh..

Im glad they nerfed tangling wire, that ability was op as waffle.  I could sometimes get ticks of over 22 damage! thats like 130 damage all together!

My thanks go to Zepidel ;)

Actually..the only thing you can do as an Engineer is laugh ;) This class doesn’t get any love at all in the last couple of months (maybe no love at all)..It’s a wonder that they are still being played.


Posted February 8, 2010 by Karic in humor, WAR

One response to “That made me laugh

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  1. I love spells that are worthless like that. Unfortunately each class in WAR has some spells that make you laugh when you figure out the total dmg they do.

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