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It’s good to hear that Mythic is planning to re-think the plans of streamlining the scenario-structure.

They should now analyze why some scenarios are fun and some just aren’t fun in any way. Just to name one example ..Thunder Valley.. I can’t remember anyone liking this scenario. It’s just too much running around and to few fighting going on. This scenarios could be called a small-scale city siege experience…just boring ;)

What I would like to keep is the separation between several zones in T4. So a different set of scenarios for various stages of the campaign of a pairing. At least to me this give scenarios some sort of variety and connection to the ORvR campaign.

If this is going to be cut, then the scenarios should not contribute anything to the campaign. Maybe they shouldn’t contribute anything anyways.

One thing I really wish they would enable would be a sort of separation between pug’s and premades. I don’t think that I’m alone there. Of course there would be people who would like to crush pug’s and get easy renown, but I think that the majority wants competition and fights where they get the feeling of accomplishing something. Otherwise the city” fights” wouldn’t be so hated ;)


Posted February 8, 2010 by Karic in Community, WAR

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