Once again.. just meh..no. not just meh.   2 comments

Patch notes for patch 1.3.4 are out..and I must say.. that it takes the totally wrong turn. Check the notes out.  I will focus on two things..

One minor one.. the changes to the Runepriest.
Mythic fixed a bug..so they say… with the bouncing part of Rune of Serenity and adjusted the heal/tick parts, because it now no longer heals initially on application. Still trying to get excited by so much love for the career ;)

The major part that annoys me, are the changes to the scenarios.

Mythic basically cut out all scenarios and replaces them with Nordenwatch and Gates of Ekrund. That’s…I try to be kind here..is totally idiotic. I’m happy when I’m in T1 and Nordenwatch is not popping up…
All the scenarios that are left are totally zerg-able and no one needs to use a brain for winning them. The direction of this changes are not what this kind of gameplay needs.

There were some issues with the T4 scenarios, but not all of them were bad. I just can’t understand why Mythic only leaves Battle for Praag. This patch will kill the variety in scenarios, because you know most of them from T1 on. It’s imo a really bad design decision and doesn’t support the fun in scenarios.

The announcement for the other scenarios returning during Live-Events is nothing I’m too happy about.. This means that no further scenarios will be designed and new players will have trouble, when they get something like a murder-ball scenario…

I start to wonder how Mythic is able to shoot themselves in so many different ways, in so many different body parts..

Zizlak (doomdiver.wordpress.com)


Posted February 2, 2010 by Karic in RvR, WAR

2 responses to “Once again.. just meh..no. not just meh.

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  1. Maybe… Maybe we see more eSports = Szenarios? Maybe we old-school RPG-/DAoC-Players have now our ORvR for a more gentle playstyle? Lets see…

    • On Drakenwald the ORvR will not get less zergy, because imo most of the players are used to get easy renown by zone locking and not fighting. (Always blaming the other side for zerging.. ;) )

      Very rarely there are smaller groups out there and then there are some nice fights.. though I wish that there would be less fotm-careers like jdk out there and a more diverse distribution of careers, like blorcs (greetings to shin..really tough orc and hits like a train) etc..

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