The many faces of WAR   1 comment

Still not posting so much, but time for this blog is quiet rare at the moment..

One of the reasons for this is, that I’m currently playing so much WAR. ;)

As I said in one of my last posts, I found the right mixture of PvE and RvR for me. Strangely it turned in the last two weeks more towards PvE. “PvE and WAR… aaaand fun?” you might ask.. and I have to answer this with yes.

I currently run through the tovl with my Runepriest, lost vale with my Engineer and do my first tanking tries with the ironbreaker in the Altdorf instances. And I’m enjoying it..

RvR is a tricky beast right now on Drakenwald. The alliance has a warband, but most of them found out that it’s easier to be a lock-tourist (so they search for the zone locks from T1 to T4 and snatch some easy renown) than fight against Destruction. So running with them results most of the time in RvE and therefore I don’t do it that often (btw. when will it be better rewarded  to fight against someone than to guard flags? Imo the lock-bonuses have to changed). This results in me running around in “our” guerilla group, i.e. we build a small group (4-6 members) and search for similar sized enemy forces.

If we meet them, we can have some really nice fun in nearly balanced fights.. but on Drakenwald (as I think it will be on most servers) the zerg dominates and this leads to some strange behavior. In the late afternoon Destruction is dominating against nearly no resistance and is around 18:00 in Altdorf. At 20:00 most of the Order folks log in (most of the time many of Destruction logged out by that time) and start their zerg… steamrolling everything in their path, until they reach the inevitable City at around 0:00.. This happens so regularly, that you can nearly set your clock by this events..

So RvR is really fun when we run around in small groups and really lame when the zerg is attacking stuff … If you run around in a group you will get often hit by the zerg or get someone adding the fight, but that is ok imo if it doesn’t happen too often. Which leads me to..

It’s time that Mythic revamps the RvR-maps to be larger, so that there is enough room for zerg and small groups. One of the few maps, which works really well for both types of RvR is Praag. It’s really fun to run around there in a group, even if you know that both zergs are there. Sadly not all RvR-areas are so well designed.. Most of the time the area is too flat, too empty or too narrow.

Zizlak if this isn’t the current site your looking at this post, then it’s not by me.


Posted February 1, 2010 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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  1. I did notice that your posts weren’t as frequent as they used to be, but it’s great to hear why!

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