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I’ve planned to buy STO and play it for a while, but lately I just started to think about it and decided against it…for now. I will be definitely buy it on some later date, but not on release date.

Here are my reasons for it..

I’ve not tested the game yet, because I didn’t want to register to any third-party side … which is one thing I really didn’t like on the open beta for STO, but that’s not the reason.

Looking at all the features STO has, something deep inside me isn’t affected by it and I just don’t want to test it out. Maybe it’s Cryptic’s staff saying “we wait for player response on the features”.. Maybe it’s the philosophy behind some of Cryptic’s games.. heavy instancing.. focus on character creation and not on content past that creator. Maybe it’s the flaws I see when just looking at the webpage or trailers from Cryptic. Maybe it’s the subscription and micro-transaction stuff. Maybe it’s the lack of love for Klingons…

I don’t all mixes to some cocktail I don’t want to drink now.

Well.. one other reason is that I’m quiet happy with WAR now. It’s far from perfect, but I think that I have found the right mixture of Zerg-RvR, small-scale RvR and PvE. The game has many flaws (some of them are really heavy), but I still like it and have fun when I play it.

I like to keep it as first MMO and don’t want to drop it for STO. Right now STO seems to be a good secondary MMO, but not my first choice or something I want to spend my money on.

I will follow STO closely and look how Cryptic will react on the player concerns as there will be many complaints right at release.. This is a normal thing at release and I don’t expect STO to be different in that aspect. Especially when Cryptic staff comments every feature with “will see how the players respond on that”.

Posted January 21, 2010 by Karic in General, Star Trek Online, WAR

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