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Syp announced his flushies-Awards for 2009.

WAR did only get the Fall from Grace Award and I can partly understand why.

Did WAR fall? Surely if you expected it to become a WoW-Killer or DAoC v2. The layoffs didn’t support an overly positive impression too.  Subscription numbers seem to be really low (compared to the expectations). All in all WAR dropped not only on the hype-meters, but also in the perception of most MMO-interested of being an alternative to any other MMO.

Many stuff happened in the past year and much has changed. LotD was being hyped (by Mythic) and died before it really set foot in the game..at least for me. It’s just a leveling-zone with few RvR actions going on and a zone where I search for the Runepriest Healing staff .;)

If I look back I think that WAR has changed a lot and it’s getting better and better.. Sure.. Mythic did some terrible decisions (more city sieges anyone? *cough*), but the game is just a lot of fun. Performance is at an acceptable level, though it really gets laggy when you have all the players in one pairing.  Like yesterday, when Order locked the Dwarf/Greenskin pairing and Destruction locked Empire/Chaos. In Eataine some of my spells just didn’t finish because of the lag, but in the normal fights with not more than 4 warbands involved performance is really good.

When both realms bring enough people on the battlefield the game is a blast. What I really like is that nowadays you can find some group-action, i.e. Destruction has some guild-groups so our guild-groups find some small-scale RvR fights. There is action on all fronts in a RvR zone and there’s not always one single zerg per realm that is roaming through the zone… When I log on I can hop onto a zerg-train or find some small-scale action, just as I like. No rule without exception… City sieges ruin my gaming-time ;)

Is Syp’s …Award for WAR justifiable? Sure. WAR did fail on many fronts and couldn’t fulfill many of the high expectations for it. Layoffs being  an indicator for failing and falling..

Does this mean that the game is not fun? No.. Mythic has done some stuff really good and though I can understand that it’s not for everyone, I enjoy the game.


Posted December 15, 2009 by Karic in General

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  1. Gaming WAR in 2009 was both joyful and frustrating. Ok, I began with WAR only december last year, so the first few month was beginner euphoria. LotD I only visited two times, it got not really part in my WAR playing ;-)
    I think I can sign the “Fall from Grace” for WAR in part for the usual reasons, but at the moment I left my personal minimum of joy in Warhammer gaming and it is getting more fun again. Like you said the possibilities of small group acivities beneath the zerg are worth playing the game. But a personal reason may be that I have at the moment not much time to play and so I enjoy more the few hours I’m playing (exept for tapping flags in the capitols ;-)). I still think WAR is just an enjoying game for casual player, who doesn’t spend all their free time in the game.

    But I can sign Syp’s “Biggest Disappointment – No Guild Wars 2 Until 2011”. So I will wait another year ;-)

  2. It’s good to keep in mind that Syp hates PvP. To this day, knowing that, I’m still surprised that he gave WAR a chance. It was said over and over, ad nauseum, that this was a game based on PvP (RvR). Still, for your money, there is no better PvP MMO out there right now. Not one. So, if what you like is PvP, this is the place for it. The closest contender is Darkfall (thought I was going to say Aion didn’t you?), but that’s a totally different style of PvP.

  3. Hey ziz, krossus pointed this out to me. This site is stealing our stuff. Don’t really know what to do about it, but thought you should know.

    howtoplaywarhammer dot com (edited by Zizlak, because I don’t want to give them traffic)

    • I know of the side, because I get sometimes traffic by them.. Not sure what to do about it. Back when running waaagh Syp just put a disclaimer below all his posts, that the posts were for his blog.

      Maybe I will do this again..though my readership is not that big ;)

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