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Some of you might have noticed that I don’t write much about crafting.. some not because I don’t write so much anyways ;)

There is one topic which really for me is a..don’t-like-it-feature that every MMO needs to have.. It’s crafting. I really hate it.. I’ve enjoyed some blacksmithing or mining in WoW, but in general it tends to be just a real painful grind. Therefore I don’t do it so much and don’t care about it.

Another thing that really annoys me about crafting is it’s effect on the economy in the game… I’ve never been a fan of player run economy. Most often I find the pricing people put on stuff too weird. I understand it that they put high prices for stuff they’ve made which took them some grinding etc.. but most of the time the prices tend to be just irrational.

Funny thing to note..The only game that differs for me in that aspect is Eve. It’s all about capitalism and the whole economy stuff just fits (from what I’ve seen in my 2 weeks test). This is the only game where I thought that I maybe should try to be a trader..

So… long story short.. STO has crafting and player run economy…

Strategy Informer: There are several areas of the game you’re not commenting on or have stated are still being “worked on”, like the Economy, will you be using this period to test those out?

Craig Zinkievich: We’re looking to develop an economy that is deep but very much in the Trek genre. Gathering resources, inventing technology and understanding alien technology – and then trading those items and knowledge – will be the basis of the economy. These are being tested internally and eventually will be in the beta as well. (source)

STO being heavy combat oriented seems ok with the setting Cryptic presented in the history line. Crafting and economy..especially on Federation side seems.. too much out of the line from the Federation we all know or at least that I know. It’s not about profit or money (forgot what currency Cryptic will use..) If you are not Ferenghi, than money should be not your main goal..

Just for a second.. Think of Cpt. Sisko farming stuff to sell it to Quarks. Cpt. Picard negotiating with a Romulan about the price of a crate full of Romulan Ale or unknown technology. Even better.. Cpt. Picard selling Cpt. Sisko some stuff that he really needs. Does this fit? *shudders*

Some MMO standards just don’t fit to every IP… so does a player run economy in now reasonable way fit to the Federation or general Star Trek theme…unless there are plenty of Ferenghi out there.


Posted November 25, 2009 by Karic in Star Trek Online

One response to “STO: Those MMO features I really don’t like..

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  1. Maybe your captain has a real bad meth habit you have to support. Just a thought…

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