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Cryptic changed the webpage for Star Trek Online.

With this changes they also put on some videos online.. most of them known, but one I haven’t seen before. It’s Starship Tactics: One.

It’s a nice video which shows some fighting going on.. in some scenes you can see the UI. It’s looks something crowded at first, but interesting.

So with all those fighting going on I get more interested in how the diplomacy parts will be. Will I have choices as a captain or will it be the ..well-known.. linear quest chain in an episode? Cryptic is still somewhat silent about that aspect of the game. Most of the time it’s about fighting and the rest is only mentioned briefly, i.e. diplomacy and exploration…

If you look at the Klingon trailer on the video page, you’ll see that diplomacy will not play a big role for them … ;)


Posted November 17, 2009 by Karic in Star Trek Online

2 responses to “STO: Ingame video

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  1. I really can’t wait to play as a klingon..Qapla!

    • I’m undecided.. ;)
      For me Star Trek is always connected to the Federation, but playing Klingon is really a tempting option.. not sure about that. Sounds fun to de-cloak and blow away some Federation ship where the captain wants to talk rather fight ;)

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