Strange things happen..   4 comments

GOA posted what they put on the EU servers  as hotfix concerning the city siege stuff.. (here)
Funny thing to note.. No reduction of city siege stage1 or stage2 times to be found there. In the forums GOA claimed that the timers got reduced, but nothing on the webpage…and the game itself. Reading the forums not only Drakenwald is still stuck in 2 hours of stage 1, but the other servers too.  This could make it to the strangest hotfixes I’ve ever seen…

Another strange thing..Even though there are heavy flaws in there,  I really like the game… when it’s actually going on. Meaning ORvR with nearly equal forces…you know.. Limbs and fireballs flying through the air. Screams of fleeing elves and such..

Posted November 11, 2009 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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4 responses to “Strange things happen..

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  1. “Screams of fleeing elves and such.”

    Who doesn’t love that noise?

    • I didn’t know that you have joined the “No Elves Club” ;)

      btw.. don’t you play a Disciple of Khaine?

      • And a Shadow Warrior, no less.

      • It pains my soul yes. I hate elves, but their classes I was forced into. When I started the game, I’d never been a healer, but I wanted it to be a gentle shift, so I went with the melee healer. I lover archers in games, but hate pet classes, so I went with the SW.

        Looking back on it, I wish I had rolled a Marauder on Destro and an Engie or WP on Order.

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