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So.. Destruction is dominating not only on Drakenwald, but on most servers. Most likely because of having a bigger population which is now most important in RvR.

On Drakenwald this led to destro players having nice gear and nice RR. Tipping the balance even more, but that’s the game design. No one can blame them for that.

After getting constantly beaten up for some weeks now moral is really low and things get really ridiculous now.. When Order manages to gather some troops to form a resistance, the servers don’t support the population wise even balanced fights. Destruction has always at least 8 warbands out there and if Order gets somewhere near that number of warbands in a zone, the zone crashes.

Now this is really fun ;) If the Destruction pug-zerg pushes towards Altdorf they are able to lock everything because Order can’t get the troops together. If Order gets their forces together the pairing crashes.  Yesterday I even experienced some spooky server reaction on zone crash which led to Destruction locking the zone, even if it shouldn’t be possible. No one blames Destruction for that..

But this all feels like a cheap shot from Mythic .. First demoralize the underpopulated realm and then don’t support the last hope of getting an even fight out there.

I try to stay positive, but there are some vent-posts to come, because there is so much going wrong in that game right now and Mythic stays silent about it. Though Andy posts something on the US forums I think that Mythic should be more vocal about the problems and their solutions for them. In the last couple of months they are in general really silent. (I don’t count that lardi-da “everything will get really cool with that patch” posts/podcasts.) Here in Europe you don’t get any reaction from GOA or Mythic and that’s not giving any hope that things will get better..

Posted November 4, 2009 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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