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Mythic, stop this city sieges!

I’ve planned on some venting-posts, because of the city-siege-crap, but I’ll try to stay polite … I’m not the only blogger who’s unhappy with the city siege frequency.

In fact.. it’s common sense in the forums that Mythic did not only shoot themselves in the foot with the removal of fortresses, but really screwed up the game and fun of the game by doing so. City sieges aren’t fun … they get really annoying if you are trapped in an empty instance for 2h and just do flag recapping. Even if you happen to be in a somewhat balanced instance with much action.. it gets really annoying if this happens every evening/4h. On Drakenwald it happens as fast as possible. Every time I log on there is just an Altdorf siege happening, just over or imminent. I don’t have a chance to group up with guild or alliance members, because they are either in an instance, alt-ing or logged off because of the city attack. So I stand there with nothing to do. Now that’s what I call fun!

It’s just frustrating to see this happen. Destruction doesn’t even need to coordinate for this attacks. They have just more warbands and roll over the opposition. It’s not their fault because the game forces them to attack Altdorf or to log out. Not good choices if you ask me. I only get a bit angry with destruction when they brag about getting to stage2 in prime time..because there is no more prime time in Altdorf defense. After the 83948394’th defense in a row there are just a handful of people even trying to defend. It’s just no fun and most people log out. Even the high ranked Destruction players are fed up with this and log onto an alt.

Angry little dwarf I am..

I got (again) a little bit angry when I saw the production podcast from October when Jeff or Josh stated that they saw that the fortresses where bottlenecks for the campaign and city sieges. Guess what.. that was their whole purpose! Now you’ve taken the only thing that helped the underpopulated realm in defending its capitol. Don’t expect any applause for this. They were lagging like hell and not much fun, but just cutting them is no solution.

To top it all, if it happens that the enemy reaches stage2 you are trapped in the city siege pq for a sum of around 8h (shorter if you complete some pqs).. how much fun is this?

A ping pong with alternating Altdorf and IC fights is no way better. It’s all just a boring Nordenwatch with two warbands. They don’t feel different. Maybe a mechanic that’s not known from T1 would make things more fun. Why is there no special scenario mechanic for a city siege?

Overall all the improvements from 1.3.2 where overshadowed by this city siege garbage. The motivation and fun is on an all-time low because of it… The T4 never felt so less epic than it does now. There is no point where you get the feeling that you’ve achieved something. This comes mainly from the speed of things locking. Zone locks are so fast that you just make a check on your todo-list and don’t feel that you’ve accomplished anything. With fast zone locks come fast city sieges.

Order on Drakenwald has no option of rebuilding the city because right after the attack destruction is nearly at the gates of Altdorf again and Drakenwald is not alone. I’ve checked the War Fronts on war-europe.com  and saw either both cities with 5* rating or Altdorf with 1* and IC with 5*. So either the forces are equal and there is no way for stage2 or one realm steamrolls the other one. This patch really tipped all there was on balance in population (though there was hardly any pop-balance, but a small chance to defend as a underpopulated realm)

To be honest I don’t longer care on rebuilding the city. I don’t care any more about Altdorf. If destruction likes Altdorf so much they can have it. My only problem is that there is no real RvR going on any more because of this frequent attacks on Altdorf. Mythic/GOA are quiet on this subject and still claiming this removal of fortresses to be an improvement.. though I’ve read some Mythic producer admitting that the city sieges are a bit too frequent. If there are any more improvements like this… they should change the dictionary entry for “improvement”




Posted November 3, 2009 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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