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Like the difference between more fun (comparison of city sieges before and past patch 1.3.1 ) and fun (anything besides a city siege)… ;)

Just a short one to sum up my feelings on the speeding up the campaign and bringing the fights to the cities. A constant Nordenwatch aka City siege or flag swapping is not fun to me. I don’t think that I’m alone with this. The only exception might be those who just seek equipment/point and not fights with actual enemies who force you to use some skills, but that’s just a guess. At least some of destruction on Drakenwald celebrated that they were able to get in stage 2 of the city … at 1am.

So when I log in later I will certainly see destruction just before the gates of Altdorf…again.. I think they get to the city something like twice a day. Every day it’s the same.. they start earlier than order and so when you log in you are always in defense and get steamrolled because they get at least twice the number of players together.

Yesterday I got a little bit frustrated, because all I could do in the 1 1/2h I had for gaming was to swap flags … That’s not RvR…


Posted October 20, 2009 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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