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So.. patch 1.3.2 is coming and the patch notes are online.

City sieges will become more frequent..which is nothing I welcome, because city siege is still a mess. At least the Altdorf fights are boring as hell. Inevitable City is a bit more fluent and fun, but also not something I’m looking forward to.

Imo it’s the wrong decision to increase the frequency of the city sieges, when there is no concept in making them more fun. It’s just like a (at least) 2h long scenario, where you can have really bad luck and fight in a pug warband versus some g groups. Had this the day before yesterday and it was just not fun. So I expect this to happen more often, as destruction can most of the time run over order, if they organize their attacks. On a day to day basis though, order is fighting back, but when they get all their rr70+ bombing groups things get really ugly..

But that all is just babbling around.. The reason why I made this post is this little detail:

Objects: Players in the process of interacting with an object in the world (for example, a quest object, a flag, etc.) will now be interrupted using the same rules that dismount players who are riding mounts.

So.. no last ae-dot anymore to hinder the enemy from taking a flag or at least get some more seconds? Well.. will not matter to bombing groups anyways. The only thing that bothers me.. Drakenwald (order) seems the only realm worldwide with no slayer/bright wizard bombing groups. ;)

So defending a BO might get more difficult.

All in all.. campaign “progress” will get faster.. which is the wrong direction. Right now it’s imo already too fast. You don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything when you lock a zone.

Last weekend we had a fight over Dragonwake which went for couple of hours. Always back and forth.. this was real fun as there were couple of warbands on both sides always fighting over territory. It was no capture the flag or PQ-race for points. Just fight over a zone with great tactics and strategies on both sides.  It’s fun when you have a fight with 3 warbands on both sides and the enemy pushes not only through the center, but also tries to flank you and you as a defender have to move and strengthen the flanks.. all in all very dynamic and fun, not just braindead bombing through to the healers.

Well.. now it’s too late to complain and I will have to see if this direction is more fun. It will certainly bring better equipment, but as this is no measure for fun to me I stay skeptical about that fast-forward campaign-locking..


Posted October 15, 2009 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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