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Once again WAR reminded me about two things ..

The first thing:

There is no I in RvR.. Yesterday I’ve done the terrible thing and pug’ed scenarios with my Witch Hunter.  Some went good, some bad.. sometimes with extremes on both occasions. So would think..nothing to worry about as you can’t always win, unless something is going terribly wrong in balancing. As always someone is taking a clear loss in a scenario too personal and starts to yell around how pathetic Order is and why they can’t get it done in scenarios…

Well.. In scenario chat I made clear that order was not at full force in that specific scenario and that the enemy has one (well-known) pre-made group in it. So there was not really a chance for a good fight.

I could go on.. but the point is, that this ..person.. yelled how bad all the others are. It happens often ..and I catch myself thinking it from time to time (working on it, so that it doesn’t happen so often).. that someone points at the others instead of thinking about the own tactics.

Lesson.. sometimes pug’s work, sometimes not. Yelling at others doesn’t help them in getting better. Try to think about what you can do to improve the result and be constructive when criticizing your teammates.

The second thing:

There is no I in RvR.. In September Order took some heavy beating from Destruction. It was really frustrating as you couldn’t do anything against a zerg of more than 5 warbands roaming from BO to keep to fortress (which they didn’t attack because the city siege is not working correctly). You, as an individual, were helpless and this wave of frustration went over all of order. This led to people leaving the game or not logging in and so the defense force was getting smaller.. No need to tell how much fun it is to fight with 1 warband against 5 others ;)

As I’ve heard just one week ago, there was on rvr-active alliance which declared September as a PvE month and this led to this destruction domination.  This alliance is back and they organized some defense. Last week we were able to stand ground against destruction and this led to a motivation boost. Funnily, looking at the forum, this boost happened on both realms and everyone is enjoying the game more. ;)’s still zerg against zerg.. (I’ve finished 112th in a roll when we captured a keep..and I didn’t finished last one in that roll ;) ).. but as numbers get more equal the fun comes back.

This all just emphasizes the difference I see in a RvR-oriented to let’s say a PvE focused game.

When planing a raid/dungeon run you  have to just find a few others to complete it and in general you could ignore the rest of the population. You can be elite(-ish) and don’t have to care about those who don’t fulfill your standards… ;)

In an RvR based game, where your realm fights another realm, the individual gets less pronounced and you are forced more to rely on the skills of the others than only on your own skills. You can still be elite, but this can be just outnumbered by a brain-afk zerg. It’s really fun when you notice an motivation boost on a whole realm, but can be really frustrating when you just feel an overall lack of motivation to stand against the enemy.

You are less in control and this is really both positive and negative…

Posted October 8, 2009 by Karic in General, PvE, RvR, WAR

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