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In one of the dev diary posts on the Herald Nate Levy said something about the changes that patch 1.3.2 and beyond bring towards cc.

I think I’m not alone with an overall positive “thumps up”-feeling about it. CC getting away from the damage-oriented careers and being more a thing for the tanks and healers is the right way imo.

All since the change of cc in 1.3.0 I’ve been moaning about the effects the changes had on the def-careers. All of my guild mates can tell you about that ;) I’m still not sure how the Magus and Engineer fit to this division as they are off-careers on the paper, but can be skilled in a rather defensive way with some cc. Tanks will gain some usefulness again and healers probably will stay alive for a little bit longer.

The change of the stun/knockdowns to a “stagger” skill seems ok. It stays longer, but can be broken by damage. I’m not sure how well this plays, but it sounds a lot better than the non-breakable stun we have right now.


Posted September 7, 2009 by Karic in Healer, RvR, WAR

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