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Sorry for the lack of posts lately.. but my working schedule is atm quiet harsh. So in the few free time (1-2h per day) I rather play Warhammer than write stuff. With so few playtime it’s quiet hard to write anything anyway..

Reading the WHA interview with Jeff Skalksi about patch 1.3.1 drove me to “add new post”.. ;)

At first I didn’t want to write anything about the patch 1.3.1..but now I just have to. It’s imo a miserable patch. It broke more stuff than it fixed and when I read Jeff Skalski saying “the performance has improved” I just can’t believe it.

This patch has dropped the framerate for me and introduced never seen lags. When I talk to an NPC in a contested campagain (note.. not zone, this lag goes for all the campaign) I have a 2-5s delay before he responds. And that is just talking to an NPC! In RvR or scenarios things get even worse.

Battle for Praag was a scenario that went rather smoothly for me. No lags whatsoever.. When my connection was bad it had small hicups but all was manageable. Now I have tremendous amounts of lag.. something like every 30s the players freeze for 3s .. and no action can be made. Players warping away, even when the game seems to run smoothly. It seems to me that the client-server connection is quiet bad.  Sometimes the game takes my whole bandwidth and even causes distortions/lag in voice chat…

With such lags I don’t even think about going into ORvR..

This patch is one of the reasons why someone from our guild left the game..and actually I canceled my subscription which runs until November. I must admit that this is not the only reason, there are several others… but I’m not sure if Mythic is getting the turn and delivers a smooth gaming experience. Experiencing a patch which brings me tons of lag and reading a statement from a producer “the patch increased the performance …” is just.. too much for me. The overall performance increased yes..but only up to patch 1.3.x .. In 1.3.1 in dramatically got worse. I have so few time to play that this really is a reason not to play the game.

Let’s see what the future brings.. Mythic seems to have some nice plans…but as always they have in bold capital letters on top of the todo-list “career balance” (I don’t want to start on this … ;)) and “server/client performance”..


Posted September 3, 2009 by Karic in General, WAR

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