Off-topic: Star Wars: The old Republic walkthrough my thoughts..   2 comments

Geee..what a long title..

Thanks to Keen for pointing me to the STOR walkthrough.. videos from GC 2009…

So my thoughts on the videos..

I want to start with something positive. I really like the graphics of the game. The world looks really good. The animations are not so good, but I think this might change.  I don’t want to judge on animations too much, though I believe that Bioware always  struggles with animations…

The dialog sequences look nice, but then I start to think that this is a single-player game..not multiplayer (I don’t count two as multiplayer like shown in the videos). That’s a real design problem if you ask me. You can’t combine both elements… The solution Bioware chose is the only way to tell a story, but imo it just doesn’t fit to a MMORPG. I don’t think that this will  a “game-breaker” as it might be an important element of the game, but not the whole game.. So it’s a nice teaser for this part of gameplay and we have to wait until more of the game is presented.

Two things bother me when I look at the videos..

Those heroic fights.. aren’t heroic at all. If you look at the hp-bar of your sith warrior he stays above 90% all over the fight with the.. hard.. enemy. No fight..just a slaughter of a NPC. Where do you have to fear for your live?

The gun fights aren’t heroic too. It’s quiet static imo. I hope that the AI will improve as imo it doesn’t act too smart. Running around a corner to take cover was the only presented form of AI.. Otherwise they just stood there got slaughtered. The cover-mechanism of the smuggler seems.. strange to me. You can’t have everywhere possibilities to cover.. Naming just Hoth or Tatooine as two examples with rare cover-possibilities. It just feels strange and unnatural, that there is always a cover-possibility there..

The fights themselves don’t look fluent.. But that goes for several MMOs. KotoR didn’t feel fluent too..So I think that this will be final hit, wait and watch, hit.. rhythm we might see in the final version of TOR.

The things shown are good.. if you consider a single-player game. Much instancing was shown.. this might be due to the nature of the walkthrough just being an exhibition of certain parts of the game or that the shown elements just require heavy instancing; flashpoint stuff.

I’m still interested to see where this game gets the first to MM’s of MMORPG.. So where is STOR getting massive and multiplayer-like?

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2 responses to “Off-topic: Star Wars: The old Republic walkthrough my thoughts..

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  1. The question ist… What IS a heroic fight? A fight, which you can fight only one time. And the end of these fight makes a twist in your storyline… or?

    • Short answer: Anything else than the fights shown is heroic ;)

      Long answer.. would need a separate post ;)
      A heroic fights has to include struggle .. a some point.. you are not cutting through everyone with ease. Just killing fodder..or letting strong enemies look like fodder is not heroic. It’s just too easy.
      Some of the fights in KotoR seemed heroic.. but in the late stages of the game this faded away.

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