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Leave the ballast…   2 comments

I just read a post from Werit and the comment from Keen made me think about a new scenario layout for Warhammer..’s not really new, but it’s not in the game. Let me first explain the current situation in scenarios.

There is always one or more objectives to get you additional point, capture the flag, king of the hill, etc.. plus points earned from killing enemy players. In some scenarios people just ignore the objectives and go “brain afk”..Happens way too often *sighs*. They ignore the objectives and lose by a big amount..

What about the well known team death-match. No objectives, just maps for fighting against an equal sized force? WAR has not such a scenario and I start to ask me why this is so?

Would it draw people away from ORvR? Is it too much of e-sport type? I have no idea.. Just a well layout map (like Reikland Factory) and only points for killing players.. Sounds like fun to me. In terms of imbalance and domination(*) in a scenario this would be no change to the current situation. The entrance has to be guarded well and the fall-damage should be taken away… which I suggest anyways. It’s plain stupid that you enter the scenario, fall and lose 80% of your hitpoints.

The one thing I want from the maps is a good layout, with possibilities to hide, to make an ambush, to retreat and reform.. just to use the terrain in tactical and not only cosmetic way.

(*)You could do ridiculous stuff to prevent domination.. something like the good old “wrath of the god”-card from Magic the Gathering: Every 100 or 200 points every character on the map will be killed or there is a button near the enemy camp, so that everyone will be killed. A wipe-out/small scenario-reset.. could be fun and frustration ;) Especially the player-driven scenario wipe could make things interesting as there has to be some sort of guard at that button…
Well..that was just some rambling before weekend.. Have a nice weekend everyone ;)


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