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Lately Order on Drakenwald used some tactics which are claimed to be exploits.. if you listen to Destruction.

There is a warband which waits on the back-entrance of a fortress and fights against the incoming reinforcement for the defenders. This makes life of the invading forces much easier and the fortress lord dies quiet easily.

So .. is this an exploit or just clever?

Looking at the map of the fortress zones (e.g. map of Fell Landing, though I’m not sure how the height is there. Afaik all fortresses are accessible from the rear), it’s looks like there is a way around planned by Mythic. Why else should they put the path in the north-eastern part of the map which screams “this is bypass!”? Afaik Order didn’t use any tricks to bypass the terrain (lag-teleporting, weird jumping patterns), but instead went a normal walkable path. So I just can’t see an exploit here.

If it’s a design fault and not intended,  Mythic should put in barriers, but actually there is no response from GOA or Mythic to this problem.

If not.. Destruction should organize better (atm. I see them just zerg and be happy with outnumbering order), stop whining and fight against that warband or at least organize in a better way, so that the defenders are prior to the attack in a fortress. The fortress attack doesn’t come by surprise.. So adapt to the tactics of the enemy. If the enemy has a warband in the zone that doesn’t participate in the actual attack, defending should be even easier..

I just can’t see a reason to complain here. Oh wait.. it’s off the usual pattern.. and that is bad.  ;)

I know that I would be pissed off, if I’m running alone to the fortress and get beaten by a warband.. but next time I will be prepared..


Posted August 11, 2009 by Karic in General, RvR, Warhammer

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