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hum..I don’t know, but the taste is not too bad…

Yesterday I respecced my Runepriest to this. Well…that’s actually not 100% correct.. I spend another point in Grungni, but WARDB doesn’t let me set the appropriate renown rank.

Grungni first and Valaya second is the second option, but Grungni just doesn’t appeal to me. If Valaya doesn’t work out I will check it.

With respec I bought some conquerer stuff and put some intelligence talismans into it. So less willpower, but more int. Still trying to find the best weapon for me.. atm. my favorite is a staff with willpower, int, wounds and healing-bonus. No healing crit as I think that this healing bonus works better with all the small healing I throw around.

I had just not much time yesterday and there did some ORvR in an alliance warband. Fights were huge as Destruction announced that they will push every day with 16 warbands until our king is dead. We faced yesterday around 160 so not the 16 warbands they got the day before, but still an impressive number. Order slowly formed their forces so there were heavy fights going on and I had the chance to test some stuff.

A little side note here.. Performance was ok, which somewhat surprised me. Of course there was some lag, but it’s not unplayable even with many folks on your screen.


Well.. ORvR, especially large scale fights, means that the group is scattered around a large area. The advantage of Valaya and Grungi is the range of the heals.  As we fought in Eataine the problem occurred that the group was in 150ft range, but there was no los.. that’s a big problem, but I think that the healing went ok. With this spec you are able to cast many small heals and create some sort of cache for the big heals that come from the other healers.

So this spec works good in warbands when you have other healers around. The loss of willpower didn’t affect me that much.


Actually I did not test out so much the damage capabilities.. I threw a dot there.. a Rune of Burning there.. a Rune of Fate there.  So no idle-time if no one’s need a heal, but not heavy dps-oriented.

I think this spec works also in PvE as I lately didn’t use group heals so much and relied more on hots.  I will check this and maybe report here how it works.


Posted August 7, 2009 by Karic in Dwarves, Healer, Warhammer

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