What’s the fotm for Runepriests?   2 comments

I’ve not playing at a regular schedule lately, but from time to time I play my Runepriest. I think it’s atm the weakest of all healer archetypes, but I will stick to it.

Ok..what happened? Archemages, Shamans got a boost in the past couple of month and Warrior Priests/Disciples of Khaine are still insane. Let me explain that a bit.

All of the four mentioned carreers can now deal either really high damage (e.g. I regularly see Archmages, Shamans and Disciples in the top3 of dealt damage in scenarios and the Warrior Priests don’t do that bad either) or heal quiet good.  Sometimes they do both at the same time..

Now Runepriests and Zelots suffer a bit. They were pushed in the healbot-role because their damage-capabilities were from release on…erm..let’s say restricted. Did they get some love? Well not really.. I see Zelots topping sometimes the healing charts (but that are two special ones..rr65+ if I remember right). Runepriests (at least on Drakenwald) are most of the time now at the lower end of the healing charts.

I know that those charts aren’t a good indicator for actual value of a class, but they give some hint. Runepriests still deal some pathetic damage and the AE-Reduction and general Career changes gimped somehow their healing capabilities.

The problem lies in balancing small scale combats balance with large scale combat balance. In a 1vs1 Runepriests, as every healing career, are really strong. In large scale fights they are quiet obsolete, because the other healers heal for bigger numbers or are more robust. The last thing did count for Runepriests for some time, but is now “dealt” with by Mythic by silently changing the Rune of Preservation. It used to be an AE-Detaunt which helped Runepriests alot to survive when things got ugly.. Now it’s the same as for the other healers, a single target detaunt.  I checked the patch notes back to patch 1.2.0 (were the ability was still an AE-Detaunt) and there was no mention about that change.


You could argue, that it’s now in line with the other healing careers, but I find it quiet disturbing that it wasn’t even mentioned in the patch notes. That’s imo a big change to the career and has to be noted. It’s a big nerf to the career if you ask me.

I find this really irritating as this detaunt was one of the most important spells in RvR and some PvE situations. So you might think “yeah..keep whining” and yes I will keep on a bit ;)  I think Runepriests did get some hard hits during the past couple of weeks as they weren’t getting the attention other careers got and slowly got weaker and weaker as the others got improved and Runepriests not.

What does this all mean for the fotm?

Well.. Grimnir is out. It’s only viable in PvE content as you can easily keep the distance to your group and it’s not so widespread as e.g. in ORvR. What options do you have?

I have currently a build with full spec in Valaya (leaving out some tactics) and some Grimnir. That’s a mix of RvR stuff and PvE. PvE is the only reason why I specced into Grimnir. This spec forces you to forsee where to heal as it’s heavily dependent on hots. It’s hard to heal against a focus fire, but I think no career can easily do that nowadays.

The real fotm is something different… This is my theorycrafting to that. I will check it out in the next couple of days, but I agree on that point with another Runepriest from my guild. So it’s seems a valid theory.

It’s either Grungi/Valaya or Valaya/Grungni, both with an emphasize on damage. Forget healing. Mythic is trying everything to prevent people from healing. You can’t defend yourself as the defensive skills are silently nerfed or made obsolete (CC-immunity anyone?! ;) ), so I can only quote myself saying:

Dead enemies don’t deal damage, so there is nothing to heal.

Spec into that trees, use some damage/RvR-oriented gear, kill people and forget about willpower. Willpower is needed for large heals with long casting times. In Grungni there is one skill that needs that, everything else doesn’t have such a high willpower-bonus. It’s now better to kill stuff and heal by using skills that heal while dealing damage. Search for intelligence talismans to improve your damage … Yes, I said that the damage capabilities are restricted, but that may come from the willpower/healing-specs and talisman-socketing Runepriests tend to have.  It’s worthless anyways to focus purely on healing, so try to have fun and kill something…

I think this is the general aim from Mythic. All the changes in the last couple of weeks imo just point to, deal more damage and don’t fight for so long.

Posted August 6, 2009 by Karic in Dwarves, Healer, WAR

2 responses to “What’s the fotm for Runepriests?

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  1. I used to have a couple of really scary RP’s in my guild that could dish out 300k damage in a scenario and still pump 100k in heals. They would run around and duo the hell out of everything… Man I wish those guys were still around, I’d totally hook you up on a sweet damage spec for em. Of course, things may have changed since then. O.o

    • Well.. with most spells from RP’s I saw in patch notes a “damage reduced” attachted to it.
      I am most likely no good measure for damage-capabilities of RP’s, because a) I stick atm to my willpower talismans b) have only sentinel gear c) just renown rank 45.. and all three make a terrible combo ;)

      What makes me think of RP’s needing some attention is that I never see a RP top healing or damage charts. All other healers do it from time to time (of course this depends on the player), not always, but I see it happen
      But looking at RP’s, they are always… in best case.. mediocre (which can’t be all player fault I think).

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