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When I have read the newsletter about the next Live event  I immediately started to think “oh.. why the elves?”…

Do I want to honor any god with pointy ears? I’m no hunter.. maybe a miner, master brewer, goldsmith.. but I usually don’t hunt .. Even if I was a hunter, I couldn’t care less about a elven god.

For some unknown reason I made a list in my head..

  • Elves have Lost Vale and now the stuff for the live event..
  • Humans have Altdorf and the instances in it..
  • Dwarves have.. erm.. Thunder mountain with all of its lava?

I’m waiting for some big dwarven stuff, besides something like Kegend where they just put some gobbos to slaughter and beer to drink.

RvR wise I’m also not happy about the locations where the fights will be.. Of all the three pairings I dislike the elven one the most. All the RvR lakes there just aren’t much fun to me.. It’s not only because it’s way too green. I just don’t like the flow of battle there..too narrow RvR lakes and such.


Posted July 31, 2009 by Karic in Warhammer

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