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Sorry for the lack of posts lately..but I took some days off and enjoyed some days on Amrum again.. North sea.. lots of beach and sun.

Now patch 1.3.0b is there. They did it again. Combat and career changes don’t seem important enough to allow a version 1.3.1, instead we have again just a letter added.

I will play today and look how the changes are. Just looking at the patch notes (I was again not able to log onto the PTS) I’m sceptical about the CC-changes. I know many complained about the CC in WAR (even I did it at the beginning), but playing soft targets, i.e. Engineer and Runepriest, I appreciate the ability to CC enemies to increase my survivability. I expect now larges waves of melee dps and bombing groups to run around… hardly stoppable, because they are immune to CC. Especially my Engineer will suffer from the changes I think, because he just threw away lots of AE-dmg, but not for killing, just annoying people. AE-dmg from Sorc/BW was insane, but the 300-500 tick-dmg from engineers is just laughable, though I get quiet high in the dmg-charts in Scenarios my Engineer hardly kills anyone, especially in 1vs1. They have to be so kind to run right into the napalm field…or I need the right terrain and CC to be able to kill a melee char (though this is very unlikely).

I think Mythic didn’t attack the problems, just swung the big nerf-bat getting some careers to a reasonable level, while making others nearly worthless. Career changes and balancing aren’t easy.. but this changes just don’t seem right. Well.. I will see it later when I log on.

I like the challenge of playing inferior classes, but I need at least a small chance to make any impact on the battlefield ;)


Posted July 23, 2009 by Karic in General, RvR, WAR

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