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Since Mythic implemented the quest for defending keeps, I’m not happy with it. It is no major issue, but from time to time it annoys me a bit ;)

In patch 1.3 they added medals as quest reward, but still I don’t like the principle there. I think it’s a good idea to reward fighting, but if I am at a keep it’s really rare that I do that quest because of two reasons.

a) If the fight is on the outer part, e.g. the first gate, it’s too far away from the quest giver for me to stop healing and get that money and the medal. It just doesn’t feel right for me as a healer to run away from my group just to get that reward. Even if it’s upgraded with the medal I just can’t run away from the fight.

b) If the fight is in the inner part of the keep it is more likely that I will turn in the quest, but often enough it’s just too hectic because there is a Choppa hitting me and in that situation I just don’t want to talk to the keep lord ;)

What could be the solution?

The quest giver should be more easily accessible, i.e. not only the keep lord, maybe a officer at the gate or something similar could be standing around.

Alternatively the quest should be completely turned off . You are getting a reward for defending the keep anyways (one medal and renown). Maybe  some money and medals could be awarded automatically for killing enemies while defending the keep (or battlefield objective) without a quest.  The reward doesn’t have to be as big as it is now or the kill number could be increased, but as it stands now I have to leave the fight..leave my group behind and be selfish like an elf.. That’s not dwarfish. That’s the reason why I don’t like the current quest method for keep defense reward..


Posted June 23, 2009 by Karic in Dwarves, RvR, WAR, Warhammer

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  1. I thought of this as well, and my suggestion would be to make it more like the kill collectors in PvE-area’s.

    Seems kind of fair, and anytime you get like 25 kills, you get a medallion.

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