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Patch 1.3 arrives today and for two days we were able to download the pre-patch stuff..

Were we? I couldn’t download the pre-patch, because for some unknown reason the download program couldn’t connect to the GOA servers and refused to tell me why. Well.. It told me that it can’t connect and I should check my connection settings. So it’s a typical FAQ answer ;)

When I get an error with an error message which tells me exactly nothing I get frustrated and angry.

Then again I wonder why the pre-patch download was enabled so shortly before the patch itself. 1-2 days is obviously not enough time for preparing a patch-download or react if something goes wrong.. I thought that most of the online gaming companies got that by now. So instead of playing the game today evening I will watch the blockbuster  “The download” brought to me by Mythic and GOA ;)


Posted June 17, 2009 by Karic in General

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