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Right now I’m in the mood to rant about some stuff in WAR, but will hold it back for least I will try to ;)

I just got aware that I wasn’t in ORvR for the past 2-3 weeks and I thought about the reasons why. Lack of activity on my side was not the reason. I still like WAR, have fun playing it and log on quiet often, but.. yes there is always a but when a sentence starts with this phrase..

ORvR is atm quite dead for me. There are always fights going on and always some warbands out there, but I just don’t want to join them. The design of ORvR is so that there is the possibility to jump into a warband and out without any effects on the outcome.. Casual-friendly is the term you could use for that. Player accumulate to warbands and roam through the RvR lakes. As a consequence of this, ORvR doesn’t matter to me because an individual have no impact on anything. This is emphasized by the AoE stuff going on and I’m not sure if this changes with the C&C changes after patch 1.3.

Roaming Zergs are not epic in any other aspect than in producing lag. On Drakenwald it gets even worse when most of the warband-members don’t even do the stuff they should do, e.g. follow orders from warband leaders..

Quiet often I ask myself if they use their brain. Instead of evading the enemy Zerg who is camping at the Warcamp entrance they just run into the enemy, get slaughtered and then start to whine, because the entrance is camped. To take a route through PvE area and enter the RvR lake on a different spot is not on their radar..

The same goes for the really rare 1vs1 fights. Two handed sword wielding chosen, witch elves, … running away from a Runepriest or Engineer. If the ratio is not 2:1 for your side only very few people fight.. It’s just frustrating.

I ranted just a bit.. Next time I will talk about the zerg effect on playing scenarios.


Posted June 12, 2009 by Karic in RvR, WAR

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