I want to be color blind   6 comments

Dyeing can be a lot of fun..and a lot of frustration in WAR.

Some weeks ago I got most of the Sentinel Set and I was totally frustrated when looking at the colors. This is how Karic..(actually his new name is Carik) now looks like


The blue tone is quiet nice, but it’s not our guild color scheme. Why I run around in blue and not in our guild colors? If I dye the grey/brown  tones they all look more like green/brown than grey/brown.  Therefore I will stay in the blue color scheme. That’s the original color and it looks ok. Fowyr, our guild leader, has not complained that I don’t run around in the guild colors ;)

The reason why I want to be color blind when looking at my char is something different.. it’s the pink runes at the bottom of the robe. Someone gotta tell the guys at Mythic that pink is no dwarven color! In no world, no game, nowhere… not even dwarven females wear pink stuff. Of course you can’t dye them in another color. So I will have to keep the pink runes until I upgrade the Set..


Posted June 5, 2009 by Karic in Dwarves, General, WAR, Warhammer

6 responses to “I want to be color blind

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  1. Probably why I still play the game is cause I’m a dye addict. Well you don’t get the title “Trendy” for nothing. I think you get it after dyeing 100 or 200 items I forget. It’s alot

    • You get the first title for dyeing with 25 pieces dyed. I’ve not tested what the next step is..if there is any.

  2. but pink matches the color of your eyes

  3. hum not?

  4. Fashionable is the first title for 25.
    Trendy I think is 100.
    I wonder if theres more….

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