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Yitu said this on his blog to me and it brought back some memories when and why  I started this blog..

Du bist ja der einzige deutsche WAR-Blogger in ENGLISCHER Sprache. DU bist der WAHRE Exot!

I’ll translate it for you ;)
You are the only German WAR-Blogger in English language. YOU are TRUELY exotic!

He mentioned it when I congratulated to him, because he was mentioned in the WAR-Newsletter. I think that this is something I will never receive… and that’s not only because of my low posting frequency ;)

I live in two worlds. I play on a German server, but write in English. So I miss both communities, because I can’t write about stuff that matters/happens on the US or English EU Servers or write about the stuff that’s important for the German servers. Well.. I write about it anyways, because there are still some people out there who read it. Thank you all for your time.

When I started this blog I really thought for some time if I should post in German or English. Before launch there were just a few German sites and all have one thing in common. They were imo horrible. I just didn’t feel comfortable when reading German gaming sites or forums.. It was totally different for English sites, partly because there are just more to choose from. Before the NDA dropped something like TenTonHammer and WHA were really nice sites. After the NDA dropped the forum quality dropped imo, but there were still great blogs around and I just felt more comfortable writing in English than German.

Of course one could argue, that it would be better to start a German blog, when one is not satisfied with the blogosphere there. Boldly go were no one has gone before and establish a good German blog, but I just want to grumble and mutter from time to time and I’m not the saviour of the German gaming community. ;)

Maybe I’m just getting old and more disconnected from the German gaming community, but I always had different goals in gaming and maybe that’s the reason I’m no good sheep in the herd.

Funny note at the end.. Can someone explain to me why the spell checker from WordPress doesn’t recognize the word “blog” ?


Posted June 5, 2009 by Karic in Community, General

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