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I’ve just read some of the patchnotes for patch 1.3 that landed on the PTS.

There are really some nice points, though some seem too strong/harsh for having a chance to land on the live server. I don’t want to talk about the career adjustments, but on something that might seem irrelevant to most players as it doesn’t affect the end-game. It just popped up and I thought that it’s a nice idea..

For as long mankind existed..well..ok, that’s too dramatic, but since release of WAR there is a scenario which is just broken. It’s Black Fire Basin. In general the capture the flag scenarios just don’t work as good as expected.. Most of the time it’s either just zerging without caring for the scenario objectives or it’s turtleing (is that a word?) at the flag. Mythic wants to change the way this scenarios work.

Phoenix Gate

If both flags are held for over a minute, players can drop the flag off at the central bridge for 25 points, resetting both flags with no Renown rewarded.

Black Fire Basin

This Scenario now functions as a shared capture-the-flag Scenario. A single flag will spawn in the middle of the Ice Lake, and this flag must be brought back to a capture location to earn Scenario points. There is one such capture point for each realm, located next to the realm’s spawn point. Captured flags will decorate the wall at the spawn area. When a flag is held, the capture locations will be highlighted by a glowing effect. The Order capture location has been replaced with a large Dwarf anvil. The guards have been rearranged to prevent the opposing realm from griefing the spawn locations.

I think this changes are great and could make both scenarios more action-loaded, but as we all know.. theory and player-behavior are two different things.. Let’s see how this works out ;)

There are many things to discuss about patch 1.3, but I just wanted to point this out as they may be overseen in the whole single-target <-> AoE-discussion.


Posted May 15, 2009 by Karic in General, WAR

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