I want a rewind button..   1 comment

So we moved from Huss to Drakenwald..

Server is full and Order is definitely lacking some sort of.. well.. order. Let’s see how our “generals” take over, as Order on Huss had a well defined structure and leadership who organized really good attacks. I’m still impressed by the great offensive move, when we attacked two fortresses simultaneously and had Black Crag near to a lock..just for the case that we wouldn’t succeed in the attack. Other than stated by Destruction this was not just based on outnumbering them.

But.. yes..as always there is a but.. I’m really unhappy with the name I had to chose when being transferred.

Adding further to my unhappiness is the fact, that the Realmwar page doesn’t show any Karic on Drakenwald, but my transferred Chars are already shown there. So it’s not just out of date.. but I’m not sure how well this …. (in don’t want to swear here and now ;) ).. page works.

I thought that I may chose a Wildcard to change the name, but saw on the FAQ that there will be no name change available unless it violates the naming policy. You know what? I will try it anyway.. Wish me good luck, though the GOA staff seems atm somewhat strict when handling such issues.


Posted May 12, 2009 by Karic in WAR

One response to “I want a rewind button..

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  1. See? This happens when you ask your gilfriend for advice.
    So I´ll have to name our kids.
    I always liked Wilbur and Kerrenhapuch …

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