So ..the last German RP-server closes   Leave a comment

Today Sterntaler announced in the official WAR EU-Forums that transfers from the last German RP Server Huss will be enabled on 11.05.09.

I’m not sure about the other languages, but RP Servers in the EU struggle for quiet some time and this closing was inevitable. Fortress attacks weren’t possible with such low pop. I’m not sure if I want to experience it, but now we are able to experience the lag-fest and instabilities firsthand and not just read about them ;)

I’m a little bit sad because Warhammer has a nice lore for roleplaying, but the game just didn’t seem to push it into that direction. The lore is presented in a passive way to you, i.e. by reading it in the Tome of Knowledge or reading quest texts. You are not allowed or encouraged to build something on your own from it, i.e. be active.

Before release I expected that in high action RvR fights there is no room for RP and that is ok, though it was fun when some folks RP’ed even then. What I never understood was the RP policy from Mythic/GOA, e.g. Region chat is per default not in character, animated emotes are too few for RP, naming policy not in effect (even after reporting naming violations there were no actions taken..).. This all just builds up frustration..and adding this to the frustration that comes from the other WAR issues, this makes me heavily think about cancelling my subscription.

I think this is the time to thank all the folks on Huss, as it was a great community..Let’s if we meet on the battlefield again.


Posted May 7, 2009 by Karic in Community, WAR

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