Order won on Huss.   1 comment

No..we didn’t invade IC.. We actually won on all fronts. The enemy is down.
Yesterday evening Order owned every T4 keep and BO on Huss. We just didn’t claimed every keep because a fortress attack would be just lost time.  Sad but true City attacks aren’t possible with the population on Huss. You have to organize such things long beforehand. No spontaneous fortress attacks.

It looks atm as if  Order is owning everything on weekdays and on weekends destruction puts some forces together and manages to start attacks on some forts. Actually Huss has still not seen any City attack (not even phase 1) because of the low pop. The attacking forces on both sides are not strong enough to overcome organized defense, though at patch 1.2 Order  (yes..BW’s and such) somehow humiliated Destruction by defending the inner fortress door so that they didn’t manage to knock it bellow 85%. When Order pushes (even after patch 1.2.1) we usually at least get to the lord, but the best attempt I attended was just around 80% and then we wiped. Sometimes the Fort Lords die, but I’m not around when this happens.

I must say that the best attempt by Order involved an all fronts assault. We managed to attack two fortresses simultaneously and having the third pairing close to a lock. Great work in planning and execution… reminding the population issues.

The future on Huss doesn’t look so bright. GOA made a poll in the forums about the future of Huss and it looks like most of the folks want to move to a more populated (though non RP) server. You can see the death of the last German RP server at the horizon .. and it’s approaching fast.


Posted April 30, 2009 by Karic in Community, WAR

One response to “Order won on Huss.

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  1. Our server xfer was kind of bittersweet. It’s definitely more fun having more people to fight on Phoenix Throne, but the lag and server stability is horrendous compared to what it was like on Ostermark. :S

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