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WAR has the statues in the capital cities for those who want to brag about how cool, badass, etc.. they are. I personally think that you are more famous when a whole warband is going to pick you to kill, even though there are tactically more important targets.

Such a famous character on Huss is Aizea (hopefully spelled correct as most of the time I have no time to read the name and hear it just on voice chat). Tip on the hat to her (I’m not sure about the gender of the player, so I refer it to the char).

I have no idea if Aizea is a nice person, but as a Witch Elf she’s just deadly. In small scale fights (which are most common on Huss…) I am just dead if she pops up beside me. Takes here not more than (felt) 2s to kill my Rune Priest, but that’s ok as she’s an exception there. I’ve met several Witch Elves, but non as deadly as Aizea.

In larger scale fights (for most of the well populated servers they would still count as small scale) most people seek to kill Aizea, but she is still able to take some with her.. and yesterday when I was with a PUG in a Dungeon in Altdorf they even talked about her on voice chat.

She is famous (at least on Huss)! Will I ever be…no, as I think that healers will never become important as an individual. Some will be good in 1vs1, but nothing like stealth or high-dps classes. Healers and Tanks are by definition more team players than dps-career and so are just able to become famous as a team.. DPS-careers, especially something like stealth-careers, are able to stand out in RvR because they kill stuff. Hardly any DPS career would think in the middle of the fight:

  • Wow, what a great tank, he just debuffed 3/4 of the enemy warband, so that I can more easily kill them.
  • Nice healing.. I don’t have to care about the enemy. I just can slaughter them.

It’s more a:

  • What is this buff? G-U-A-R-D ? .. what the hell. I am king (queen) and will be the uber killer here.

So..as every other gaming session, I will try to stay a bad-to-spot target with my healer and just leech the renown those dps-careers get ;)


Posted April 23, 2009 by Karic in Community, Warhammer

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