Not the big things in 1.2.1, but noteworthy..   Leave a comment

No big things (RvR token system, Keep Upgrades, etc..) that caught my eyes, better said the big things are already covered elsewhere ;)

These are just some minor things that hopefully will be as announced. You never know if the patch brings what it says in the patch notes ;)

Players that are occupying a Keep of the opposite realm when a Tier 4 campaign resets will now be teleported back to their warcamp.

This is a nice change, as it seems to has got a common practice that you just wait at the lord room of the keeps in Praag/Thunder Mountain/Elven-stuff (is it Dragonwake? *shrug* No idea about elven lands ;) ) when you are sure that the fortress attack fail.

“TargetNearest Enemy” will no longer target deadplayers or objects, and instead opt for a live opponent.

Woohoo.. I’ve been writing tickets about this for some weeks (months) now. It’s just frustrating when you stand in a crowd and TargetNearest Enemy selects you a dead target.

Players willonly open the PQ Loot window when clicking on the PQ Tracker itself, not in the invisible space around it.

Made me bite something since the game released ;) The PQ tracker seemed to occupy a really large portion of the screen and when I wanted to target someone after I’ve finished a PQ I often accidentally opened the PQ tracker..Really annoying in scenarios ;)

There are also no big changes to Rune Priests.. So nothing to report on that front..


Posted April 17, 2009 by Karic in WAR

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