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It’s not really new or hidden info, but I recommend you to see Paul Barnett talking about Career Balance on It’s a nice little video with some points I totally agree.

He makes a point which is really often seen when people discuss career balance in forums. At least the attitude is like this:

Everyone I kill is not as good as me and everyone who kills me must be cheating.

When I read some blogs and catch up some posts in forums it’s often this attitude I see. It’s really rare that there is  an objective discussion in public forums about career balance. It’s more often pointing at the other side and saying: Look, this career is OP! Fix it! or let me translate: Make them weaker than us!

Order used to whine about Witch elves (where some still kill me instantly ..but that’s ok as most of the time they are good players and the few who are not so good have a hard time trying to kill me.) and now Destruction whines about Bright Wizards. I don’t say that the careers are perfect now (some are far from that), but there is rarely a complaint about the overpowered careers when they are on your side. It’s too easy to point towards the others and say that they are all cheating or overpowered.

Are Bright Wizards overpowered? Of course!.. Partly because of the career and partly because of AoE-philosophy in WAR. There will be something done about this..e.g. non-stacking of some AoE. Also Slayers and Choppas will get some love, as afaik the AoE attacks from them are getting cone-damage and not 360° effects, which is is nice change imo.

A good sign that something is going really wrong is when both sides complain about something. This seems to be the case of AoE. In general I agree with the complains there. AoE-stuff is (especially in large scale fights) far superior to single-target stuff, be it damage or healing. Even in Dungeons it’s easier (and more effective) to AoE heal than work really hard and try to heal everyone with single target heals.

I hope that the general balance will come soon as I like to have the option to choose whether I want to do single target stuff or AoE. When I have a single target heal with which I heal one target for 1.7k and a group-heal healing around 1.4k (conservative guessings) on every group member the costs in terms of time/AP and such are easily calculated, with single target heals having no chance. Afaik Dok’s and WP’s don’t even have a great single target heal, but are still the best healers in game? This could be related to the fact the the SE/RF-regain on the books more or less turns off their mechanics and they can happily spam heals.. but that is just a guess.

So.. stubborn as dwarves are, I will re-spec today from Grimnir (AE) to Valaya (hot/dot) despite the fact that the path is underpowered compared to Grimnir! ;) AoE spam is just not my type of play.

Posted April 15, 2009 by Karic in WAR

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