The cape of doom   5 comments

In the latest fortress sieges I participated in everyone was asked to turn off the display of the cloak.  It’s been said that the lag should get decreased without the cloak.. and I just scratched my head and wondered if the cloak would make such a great difference..

I tested it once and I was really surprised. Not only did the fps in a fortress fight increase dramatically (from slide show to moving pictures, so that I was able to do more things than just spam ae-heal), but also when I run around solo. I had problems in terms of fps in some zones (e.g. High Pass) without any other players around. I just thought that the lightning and particle effects were the cause for this. Maybe they are, but now when I turn the cloak off I don’t see any drop in fps..Everything is going smooth.

So, one of the first things I do now when I log in and want to do some RvR, I turn off the cloak as I otherwise run into the risk of (fps)lag.. I’m just bored off being targeted..having lag..and then only see the respawn-screen, without the option to do anything.

One thing I also do, which helps me in large scale fights is turning of the combat log via a macro. It’s irrelevant for dungeons and such, but it helps a bit on massive fights. This reduces the before-dead-lag. I noticed this some times when I was being focus fired down. In the moment I realize that there are multiple damage-sources coming in I get lag and then die (because of focus fire of course).

Both this things are quiet disturbing for me. Normally I don’t say “this is easy..fix it” as often things turn out to be more tricky, but I’m quiet bored of the performance issues in WAR. Drop down of fps and cast-lag is just a fun-killer for me. It’s annoying enough to wait a second (or two) before any of your actions are really activated, but such issues as combatlog or cloak-lag killing your fps  makes me think about logging out every time they occur.


Posted April 9, 2009 by Karic in General

5 responses to “The cape of doom

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  1. I heard about the cloak-thing, but since I never activate my cloak (except when my guild leader forces me =P), it’s not a problem. I hadn’t heard about the combat log thing, although it sounds quite logical. I don’t use that either, so I could switch it off entirely.

    Would you be so kind to share your macro with us mere mortals?

    • I can’t remember the macro… therefore I didn’t post it. I don’t think my boss wants me to play WAR at work ;)

      But I will look that up later when I can start WAR and then I’ll post it here.

      • Double comment ;)

        Here is the script-command to turn off the combat log:
        /script TextLogSetEnabled(“Combat”,false)

        Turn it on by setting the value to true ..that’s it. ;)

  2. Also, try turning off player names/guild tags/titles; even if just your realm, or all players but not NPCs – works especially well during fort sieges.

    • Tried that one before, but it didn’t work for me.
      I didn’t test it during fortress fights. Will check it next time.. Thanks for reminding me on that option.

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