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Hu..the last two weeks were packed full with work and I didn’t come to write any new posts.. but here I am back again ;)

The last thing that came to my attention before I left for the conference was a post from Sterntaler in the EU forums (I don’t link them here, because it’s on German). He made some comments on server population on Huss and in his comments he stated, that they will closely monitor the population on Huss as it seems to be really low. Actually.. Afaik every RP-core Server in the EU is always running on low/low pop. It seems that RP and RvR don’t fit for some people and/or WAR doesn’t give you too many tools to RP in a fun way, e.g. emotes, the ability to walk and not always run, etc…

What really concerns me about the post from Sterntaler is the fact that it’s most likely that Huss will get a source server for server transfers at the end of april. Of course you can’t force someone to RP (and enjoy it) and you can’t force someone to RvR (and enjoy it)..so it would be ok that people can leave Huss when RP is not their thing.

On the other hand.. Making a server a source server for server transfers is a significant indication that GOA doesn’t believe that this server will get a healthy population in the near future. For any new player this is a sign to not join the action there..making low pop even worse.

So..how does the action look like on Huss? Like you would expect from a low pop server.. Action in <T4 is sparse, scenarios don’t pop at all and in ORvR you don’t even get half a warband together..not speaking of enemies to fight.  In T4 things look a bit different.. (can’t comment on scenarios as I don’t play them in T4 anymore). ORvR is action loaded and there is always a possibility to join the fight. Afaik no realm managed to set a foot into the enemy capitol, which might be an indication for small forces attacking the fortresses… too small forces, but hey.. I don’t like Zergs so I’m fine when I have some room to go around with a guild group.

You might now think that this cures my altaholic, but you are wrong. Though I completely stopped playing my alts on Huss,  I recently started a shaman (R17RR16 right now I think) on Carroburg which has by far more pop, but is a Core server.

So..what would happen if Huss would be a source server? I think that the server will slowly bleed out and get shut down. It’s just a matter of time… So the last german RP server will be gone.

Will I be able to play (and not bang my head repeatedly against my desk) besides Slayers with names like Kuschelkuh (approx. translation would be SnuggleCow) or a mighty Chaos Magus called Brainsukker (No, this is no typo.. the name is written in that form)? I doubt it.. I just can’t call someone in voice chat Kuschelkuh.. or in any way respect someone who will be abbreviated Brain or even worse..sukker..

Let’s see what happens until end of April, when GOA will announce if they enable transfers from Huss to other servers. I’m starting to hope that Star Trek online will release soon, but I doubt it… Though this time I spent currently on gaming might be better invested in my PhD thesis, as this has to be done this year too… ;)


Posted April 6, 2009 by Karic in General

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