Rez Plz .. aka. .did you know that?   1 comment

This is again a short one ..Busy work week, but I hope that it helps.

This one might be interesting for healers. Everyone had this situation.. A Rez-request from someone outside of the warband or group and you have no idea where to go, because most of the time people forget, that they are not the center of the universe (though the cam-perspective in an MMO suggests that ;) ) and forget to mention where they lie.

My easy way to do this is not to ask them in chat, but to use the /target command. If you know the name of the to-be-rezzed target, e.g. Fluffy, you just type /target fluffy and the target marker under your feet shows the direction where you have to go and if you already have a valid line of sight you can directly start to rez.


Posted March 17, 2009 by Karic in WAR

One response to “Rez Plz .. aka. .did you know that?

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  1. No I didn’t know that!
    Thanks :)

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