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This one’s just short.. It’s about the open group UI changes.

I really like the new interface, though it seems not fully accepted and bug-free at the moment. I can’t really find groups if I search for them worldwide, i.e. I see a group in the local region as being open and doing some RvR and as soon I search for all open groups doing RvR in that tier no group can be found. Search routines I love them in WAR. Now I have two search options (open groups and auction house) and both work not really smooth.

What I really like about the new open group UI is the fact that you see when there are some special people in that group, i.e. friends, guild-mates, alliance members or someone from the ignore list. The latter is especially important for me.

One thing that bothers me with the ignore-feature.. If I accidentally happen to be in the same group or scenario as someone from my ignore-list, I can see what they are writing/saying in warband-chat. So no total ignore makes a sad gobbo/dwarf.

The last irrelevant note:
This is post no. 111 .. ;)

I wanted to see what I reach faster.. 111 posts or 100 comments. The comments lost with 111:92 .. Close race.

I want to thank everyone who sacrifices his/hers precious time and reads  my babbling here;)


Posted March 11, 2009 by Karic in WAR

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