Did you know that? (Week11)   Leave a comment

Another round for Did you know that?.

This time it’s about two scenarios…which have something in common.

Khaine’s Embrace: I like this scenario and patch 1.2 brought a nasty change to it. Did you ever wonder who the enemy could lock down the flags so fast? It was easy, because the walls near the flags blocked Khaine’s blast-wave. So as soon as it was announced you hide behind the wall and were in a second after the blast at the flag. This changed as with patch 1.2 the walls now no longer block it.. So you better hurry to get to a safe distance before everything blows up.

Twisting Tower: This one is about feature I have seen just once. In general the scenario goes as this: Destruction zergs from downwards up..and order from the top to bottom and now and then some side locks both flags. After a few seconds things start again…repeat until scenario finished. Actually, the scenario has something up in it’s sleeve ;) When both flags are locked..go to the top of the scenario. You will notice that there the blue light is clickable. Click it and bring doom to all inhabitants of the tower! ;)


Posted March 10, 2009 by Karic in WAR

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