Two WAR hightlights for me in week 10   Leave a comment

They have nothing to do with the Live event.

I’ve already posted that I’m not the fan of much zerg stuff in T4 and I’m not alone.

One day we formed a small group of four last week and did some ORvR. As there were both order and destruction zergs running through Kadrin valley we decided to do something silly and take a keep in the elf pairing. The group consisted of one Ironbreaker, one Engineer and two Rune Priests and we had fun at the keep. We waited for a destruction warband to fall into our backs, but only two defenders showed up. 4vs2 .. rarely seen in keep fights in T4 if you ask me ;) Well actually it got 5vs2 after we opened the first gate, because a Bright Wizard was sent to check who’s fighting there. The Zerg wants to know everything…better said.. the Brain-Bug of the Zerglings…

We took the keep and it all went really smooth. I even got a set-item I needed, though I can’t wear it atm…

Second nice ORvR action was when we put together a dwarven only warband.. No Isha or Sigmar babbling.. Just Ale and killing elves! The warband consisted of three groups and we did the diversion attacks on BO’s and such. It’s fun if you are able to get the attention of the enemies zerg.

The only problem were performance/lag issues. After patch 1.2 the framerate in RvR is lousy. Speaking of problems.. At the weekend I was not in the mood for ORvR because the Dwarf-Greenskin pairing is buggy. Keep and BO Lords aren’t attackable and this lead to Destruction “dominating” and contesting the Fortress. The Fortress is now for 2 days under attack and still no end in sight.


Posted March 9, 2009 by Karic in Dwarves, WAR

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