The 1.2 patch and me   Leave a comment

This is just a short post on the 1.2 patch and my first impressions about the changes.

Overall I think that it’s a good patch, but.. yes..there is a but as it was no good patch in terms of performance. I had really trouble to get WAR started after patching. The first try ended in a system crash and the second one took approx. 4 times as long as usual. Zoning was horribly slow, but funnily all this problems got better after some hours. Let’s see if things change today after server maintenance.

The new scenario, Twisting Towers. It’s not really one of my favorites. The art ist beatiful, but layout and performance, i.e. framerate, both make me not enjoy this scenario. It’s feels like headless chicken running around killing each other and one side wins for some nebulous reason.

Crafting changes, e.g. streamlining the connection of gathering and production skills is good.

UI change on the open party window is also really good. I like it.

I didn’t pay much attention to Combat&Career changes, but as they don’t stand out to much this is a good sign. Maybe the lifetime of a healer will get radically reduced with the introduction of the new careers. Let’s see. For now balance seems good. I didn’t feel too helpless as a healer in RvR and scenarios.

Bitter rivals seems to be easy going… and I like the tentacle pie. I was really surprised when I got hit by it for the first time ;)

Last note: Zone domination.. Didn’t do too much ORvR, but the Zone domination mechanic led to Destruction fighting at the dwarfen fortress, due to some mindless elven warband leader, who has now the honor of having an entry in our guilds Book of Grudges. That book is a nice and essential part of  a dwarf-only guild.


Posted March 5, 2009 by Karic in General, WAR

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