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GOA announced new server transfer options and I’m glad they did.

For my chars this meant that I can play two chars which I already abandoned, but now could be moved to the two servers I am playing on.

What is more important, hopefully this will lead to more population on Huss. The new thing on this server transfer is, that chars for transfer are not restricted based on the ruleset of the server they are currently on. Something I wanted for some time now. So people from an ORvR-(RP) and normal server can join Huss, which is now the only RP-Core server out there for German speakers.

For some reason people believe that RP and RvR don’t fit and this leads to a population problem on Huss. Currently there is approx. zero action in ORvR at T1-T3 on Huss and this is because destruction can’t put some forces together. Everytime they set a foot in a RvR-lake rvr-hungry order players put easily a warband together. In the past weeks this went so far that the order warband stood there and had nothing to do. All keeps were taken, BO’s and zones too.. and all enemies slain.

I hope that this server transfers revive the ORvR action on Huss otherwise I think that the server will slowly die, because players leave for more populated servers to get the action.. or even quit the game.


Posted March 5, 2009 by Karic in WAR

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