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Maybe this will get a series ;)

I often stumble upon strange behavior from others caused by not knowing some nice features WAR offers. To most of you reading this the feature I’m going to tell you about is not new, but I think some will learn something new. Anyways..my blog..my irrelevant posts.. ;)

Today’s example: THE precious Chest

Everyone has experienced it. PQ/Keep siege and the chest is miles away, seconds are ticking away..maybe even some mobs/players between you and the chest so that you can’t reach it.

Here’s the feature: You don’t have to be near the chest from a PQ or keep siege to be able to loot it.

You can loot it (right-click) from anywhere as long as you are able to click on it. No mobs standing in your way.. the loot is just a click away. This is a different behavior than the normal distance needed to loot objects and therefore often people get hectic when the chest drops far away and they think that they can reach it in time.

I hope that this helps ;)


Posted March 4, 2009 by Karic in General, WAR

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3 responses to “Did you know that?

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  1. Yeah, but achieving LOS when you respawned at the warcamp because people were to late to res you is quite difficult =P

  2. Heh, I actually didn’t know this. Hope this does become a feature as tidbits are always nice

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